EBE II preparation project

Empowerment by Employment II (October 2017)

The purpose of the preparatory visit is to plan EBEII - Empowerment by Employment II - working
life experiences for students and staff exchange, which is continuing the successful project
NPAD-2013/10047 - Empowerment by employment. The target group are the students and adults with disabilities.

The participating organisations and schools are the same as in the previous project; Dugni vocational
needs college (the Faroes), Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (Lithuania),Astangu Vocational
Rehabilitation Centre (Estonia), Validia Vocational College (Finland), except adding another participating VET SNE school from Finland; Bovallius Vocational College.

The participating schools and organisations are together trying to improve the employment possibilities and the processes of inclusion to working life of the disabled and the disadvantaged. The main goal of the EBEII is to create customer-oriented individual vocational education paths, meaning that VET is designed to meet the needs of the individual and working life. The aim is also to strongly empower and include the individual into the process as well as increase the cooperation with the working life.

The new mobility project EBEII will involve exchange of adult learners and also exchange of pedagogical staff.